Fun Birthday Party Themes for Adults

Just because you’re technically “all grown up” doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating your birthday. On the contrary, we think the older you get, the more fun your birthdays should be. Use your special day as a great opportunity to do things that you really enjoy and spend time with the people you love. Need a unique idea for your celebration? Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired.


If you live near a park or beach with easy access to fire pits, consider throwing a bonfire celebration for your birthday. Have guests bring their own beverages, and then you can have basic cookout snacks (and smores, of course). This is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants a casual celebration with tons of great conversations and bonding.

Modern Glam

Keep things classy with a truly glamorous celebration. Decorate in black and white with accents of rich metals like gold or copper. Include some chic appetizers, cocktails, and desserts, and be sure to have your guests dress up. If you have the space, make a great playlist and dance the night away, and set up a photo booth area so that guests can document their night.


This is a great theme for a high-energy party, particularly if you have Latin roots or just enjoy Latin culture. Serve up your favorite Mexican snacks, like guacamole, burritos, and tacos, and be sure to include margaritas as well. Decorate with brightly colored flowers and pom-poms to make your space inviting and fun. Play your favorite Latin tunes and salsa the night away.


If you want a relaxed, daytime party option, this is a good choice. Pick a spot in a local park (or use your backyard if it’s large enough), and lay out tons of blankets to set the scene. Bring your favorite brunch beverage (mimosas, anyone?) and encourage all of your guests to bring their favorite snacks. Enjoy chatting with your best friends in the gorgeous weather.


Invite your friends over for some cocktails and of course, your favorite gambling games. Decorate with an iconic black, red, and white color scheme, and add some Vegas-style touches as well, like dice and cards. Instead of putting real money on the line, you can bet using chocolates, or if you’re really brave, shots of your favorite liquor.


If you feel like showing off some of your knowledge, consider hosting a trivia party. You can head to a trivia night at a local bar, or create your own game and play at home. You can include some fun questions relating to the birthday guy or gal, and be sure to have fun snacks or prizes around as rewards for winning. This fun theme drums up some healthy competition, which always keeps things interesting.

Wine Tasting

If you’re a wine lover, consider hosting your own tasting. Invest in a few of your favorite wines, and then have your guests bring some of their favorites as well. Set up some cheeses and chocolates to pair with the wine, as well as bread to use as a palette cleanser. This makes for a very classy and fun birthday celebration.

No matter how old you’re turning, be sure to keep your birthday fun and exciting by using a unique theme.

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